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Henry Wolfe

Henry Wolfe

Retired physician, Henry Wolfe, views things through the lens of 94 years of life-experience. The good and bad; joy and sorrow; missteps and success. He's run the gamut, and rightfully earned a degree of respect, appreciation and wisdom. Through the process he has learned life's lesson. So, why does someone like Dr. Wolfe, participate in Mission Hospital's Income-For-Life Charitable Gift Annuity program? His answer:

Dr. Henry Wolfe:
"It has been a little over 10 years since first participating in Mission's Gift Annuity Program. As a result of information I received from other charities, I knew about charitable gift annuities. But it wasn't until I received information from Mission that I looked into it with greater interest. Frankly, in addition to enjoying the benefits of a gift annuity, I also wanted to show appreciation for the excellent care provided my wife and me. I know top-quality health care when I see it: Mission Hospital exceeded my expectations of what a hospital should be."

"It made perfect sense to support Mission Hospital through the gift annuity program. Every quarter for 10 years - without fail - I receive a guaranteed distribution from my annuity. Even better; a significant portion of that income is tax-free. Now that is financial peace-of-mind! Additionally, I received a generous income tax deduction. To top it off, I funded my annuity with appreciated stock. Credited with donating the current fair market value of the stock, I did not have to pay any capital gains tax! I couldn't have written myself a better prescription."

"Interestingly, my children and grandchildren understood the concept of philanthropy and supported my decision to donate to Mission Hospital."

"My Mission Hospital gift annuity is a win-win-win scenario; I win, Mission Hospital wins and my family wins in realizing it's what we do for others in life that really matters."

Since gift annuity benefits are specific to individual circumstances, we invite you to click here to view a color example of your benefits.